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Welcome to the new site


  1. jeanette

    Michelle is very professional and easy to talk to, making me feel at ease.
    I have undergone a block hypnotherapy sessions with Michelle and have lost a stone and a half which is what i wanted to achieve.
    Very pleased.

  2. I have had sessions of hypnotherapy to help me with weight loss. So far I have lost over a stone but it’s not just the weight loss that I’m happy with. My outlook on food has changed but thankfully I still can eat chocolate in moderation without feeling guilty. It has also helped me to start to look at exercise in a different way and not feel like it is a chore that must be done if I want to lose weight and feel healthy. I know I have still a way to go but I feel for the first time in my life that I’m on the right track to achieve my goals and maintain a healthier weight.

  3. Janet

    I have had a course of hypnotherapy to help me with weight loss in which I have had a gastric band fitted. So far I have lost 4 stone 2lbs over 6 months.
    Along the way I’ve had my ups and downs but Michelle has always been there for me. It hasn’t been easy but I was desperate to lose the weight so was determined and gave 100% commitment in order for me to achieve my goals and help me maintain a healthier weight.
    So thankyou Michelle and I have given myself a big pat on my back as I am proud at what I have achieved so far and I will continue to listen to the recordings you have made specifically for me each day which I know is imperative to carry me along my journey.

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